Transparency and Accountability Program

TAP's mission is to increase the capacity of civil society organizations to reduce corruption and better hold government accountable for efficiency in social sector public spending

Choice Ghana



Founded in 2005, Choice Ghana places marginalised or vulnerable people at the centre of development and focuses on the empowerment and protection of the vulnerable to have access to development through active participation in development decision making.  Choice Ghana focus on the need to retain a minimum quality of life that has been defined as freedom from fear, freedom from want and freedom to take action on one’s own behalf. People’s needs and therefore their choices are central to their development and of the economy as a result. Choice Ghana therefore strives towards the realization of these choices through research, collaboration, advocacy, capacity building, service delivery and information sharing among stakeholders.

TAP Study:

With the introduction of the National Health Insurance Scheme in Ghana, appreciable sums of resources are delivered to health facilities across the country to provide quality and equitable health care services to all social groups especially the poor and vulnerable.  The project seeks to find out whether these resources are used for their intended purposes of improving quality health service delivery to the general public. The project will be soliciting for user’s feedback on a number of services delivered by the health facilities in the districts of East Gonja and Kpandai under the NHIS benefit package mandate. The areas for assessment include access and usage, quality and reliability, responsiveness, corruption and overall satisfaction of service delivery.

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