Transparency and Accountability Program

TAP's mission is to increase the capacity of civil society organizations to reduce corruption and better hold government accountable for efficiency in social sector public spending

Center for Budget and Policy Studies

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TAP Phase 1 Round 1
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The Centre for Budget and Policy Studies (CBPS) is an independent, non partisan, not for profits society based in Bangalore. The mission of the Society is to contribute through research to understanding and implementing a process of sustainable and equitable development in India, with a focus on the local level. To this end, analysing the state’s budget and the budgetary processes at the local level for various sectors such as Health, Education & other services forms an important area of work at CBPS. The Centre has been instrumental in carrying out research in subject matters such as Reproductive & Child Health, Maternal Health, District Income Estimation, Democracy & decentralisation at the local level, Urban governance and Right to Information to name a few. CBPS believes in the spirit of a knowledge society and to this end disseminates its research to its stakeholders through various mediums such as workshops, documentary films, & publications.

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